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  1. Faejind
    Faejind2 years ago

    They will lose this one. Trump won the Muslim ban this is same thing.

  2. Yozshutilar2 years ago

    Jenn will you take my jizz I've got slew.

  3. Gajar
    Gajar2 years ago

    He isn't an idiot however. He is pretty smart, my sister calls it Peter Pan syndrome. He finished college and now doesn't want to be an adult. The idiot part is 23 and passing up sex for video games. Even my brother in law who rather not talk about sex and his daughter just kind of shakes his head at it.

  4. Kigalmaran
    Kigalmaran2 years ago

    An earlier iteration of my high school that my oldest sister (who is 14 years older than me went to tried to be non-smoking in the 60s. The state came down to state that smoking wasn't only permitted in high school for students but that the school had to set apart a smoking area. The principal resisted and was told to put in a smoking area or to be fired.

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